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Pure Pashmina wool shawl price in India

Pashmina is commonly called Cashmere in the western countries and Pashmina in the east demonstrate luxury and has been worn by the men and women of the high classes across the world. Pashmina wool shawls spun and woven in Kashmir, and it is sold in many countries and continents as far as United States of America (USA) and European countries like Germany, England, France and Italy it is a statement of high class persons and luxury. Recognizing a pure plain Shawl of Kashmiri Pashmina has always force people into a problem. One of the main arguments for this dilemma is the extensive range of pricing and variety. A real Pashmina wrap and shawl can be crafted in two primary variants –

  • Hand spun and hand woven Pashmina Shawls
  • Machine spun and hand woven Pashmina Shawls

  • Cashmere Women Soft Pashmina Plain Shawls

    Each of these types is designed in Kashmir and needs a huge amount of work and skills on part of the craftsman and weavers who spins or weaves them by hand. It is perfectly the type of Pashmina shawl that determines its price. A classic Pashmina shawl which is spun and woven by hand is treated to be the most premium of all and its price starts from Rupees 10000 onwards. The machine spun and hand woven pashmina shawls are budget and pockets friendly because the pashmina threads was spun on a machine. This type of pashmina shawl is normally priced around Rs. 7000 and onwards.

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