Plain Pashmina shawl

Cuddle up this winter season in breathtaking colors and varieties of solid Pashminas. Hand-woven over traditional wooden looms, our Plain Pashmina Shawls are super cozy, warm and add more color to your winter apparel. With a luxury assortment of over 50 colors, these super comfortable winter wraps are a perfect gift for your loved ones. Pashmina is synonymous to nobility, royalty and exquisite hand artistry and the brand name Bhat Brothers adds 100% authenticity to this fine product. These Solid Pashmina Shawls are made by trained artisans in Kashmir using genuine, high quality Pashmina wool threads on traditional handloom using wooden needles for knitting. Bhat Brothers is a unique product where no two pieces are alike. Since these shawls are handcrafted, they look identical but there might be a slight difference in colors and weaving.

Contribution to Artisans

Wrinkle-free, always warm to wear, this type of shawl made Kashmir valley famous for centuries. Diamond effect weaving, sharp edges and square size. Buy Solid Pashmina Shawl wrap from Bhat Brothers and help their artisan prosper. We give back 5% of our proceeds for the welfare of the Pashmina artisans. So, when you choose our super soft Pashmina shawls, you contribute to our efforts of helping the artisans do more than just make ends meet.

Pashmina Stoles

Pashmina is the exquisite art of hand-weaving finest Kashmiri wool into luxurious Pashmina stoles. The heavenly opulence and delicate texture of Pashmina with rich hand embroideries or complex hand weaves have been an integral part of the Royal lifestyle since many centuries. Fairly referred to as the “Art of Royal”, Pashmina became a passion of must-have luxury by all the royal families of the world. Once the luxurious Kashmiri fiber has been spun into a complete yarn, it passes on to the weaver. The art of weaving is the turning point in the sojourn of a Pashmina. It transforms the Kashmiri yarn into the finest Pashmina stoles the human eye has ever seen. A weaver carefully mounts the yarn over his traditional wooden handloom and starts weaving with a harmonious effort of his hand and foot. It takes about 2 weeks to finish weaving one Pashmina stole or Pashmina wrap. There are several weaves that are done but the Chasm-e-Bulbul or the popularly known Diamond weave remains the signature weave which we at Bhat Brothers use for all our creations.

Fashion Statement

Surround and fully envelop yourself in an elegant Pashmina Kashmiri stole. A must-have for those cold and crisp days, whether worn in or out of your home. Sometimes over indulgence is a good thing. Style yourself 100% in Kashmiri Pashmina stole. Each stole is lovingly hand crafted in the traditional Kashmiri Borders. The designs and colors are influenced by the Kashmiri landscape and retain an ethereal quality. Pashmina stoles are made with the highest sustainability standards.

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