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Pashmina Stripes & Plain

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Pashmina Cheks and Stripes

Bhat Brother luxury checks and stripes pashmina shawls are chic and eye catching. Each piece was individually crafted over many days by Bhats in Kashmir. These Checks and Stripes are woven from hand-spun pure pashmina yarn and are gossamer-light, soft and warm. They are just beautiful to wear layered over coats or sweaters, or draped around the shoulders over an evening outfit. These stunning pashminas will take a look from simple to standout in an instant

Pashmina Stripes Shawls in Delhi

The progress of Bhat Brothers is so far is itself an heart touching story. With the extreme dedication and motivation to produce best quality pashmina products to its customers, we have expand our pashmina shawls business in the world market as a capable company who is famous for its comprehensive effort. We have acquired a good prestige in the market for our quality highend cashmere Pashmina Shawls, with the expertise from our ancestors in the weaving Kashmir shawls. New and traditional innovative designs in highend cashmere pashmina shawls have been brought in to match the international trend and tastes.

Hand Woven Men Shawl Pashmina Stripes

Our highly fashionable highend cashmere shawls, stoles and scarves have not only received a distinguished place not only in Indian market but also in different European markets as well. Every process involved in weaving is meticulously controlled by our expert and skilled artisans of kashmir.

Hand Embroidered Pashmina Kani Shawls

Our pashmina shawls fabrics represent the perfect combination of artistry and contemporary fashion trends that provide as per the taste and preferences of our perceptive customers. We have developed a modern infrastructure and employed highly skilled artisans who are well acclimate to make fascinate and charming Handwoven Cashmere Pashmina Checks and Stripes of Kashmir. Our wide range of highend cashmere shawls are packed and inspected and delivered to customers.

Hand Woven Pashmina Kani Shawls

We are well known manufacturer of cashmere Pashmina shawls include needle work and kani shawls. We have specialization in designing the Handwoven Cashmere Pashmina Checks and Stripes and we have already added new dimensions to needle work of Pashmina and Kani shawls from past three generations.