pashmina kani shwals

About Us

Bhat Brothers are proud to present one of the largest and finest selections of Pashmina Shawls especially kani Pashmina Shawls and accessories to our customers within India and abroad.

These Pashmina Shawls works of wearable art were first envisioned and fashioned within Kashmir centuries ago. They have taken generations of skill, finesse and patience to develop. It is from Kashmir that our Pashmina Shawls weaving firm continues to bring to you, our customers, this exquisite, hand woven, and elegant line.

Pashmina comes from the Persian word for wool, known in the West as cashmere wool. Cashmere derives its name from the old spelling of Kashmir. The origins of pashmina in Nepal date a long way back, when the people of Nepal had to depend on the fabrics they wove for easy travel, warmth and especially survival. The threads used in making this luxurious cloth come from the underbelly of the Himalayan mountain goats, called the Chyangra which live in the in the high regions of the Tibetan Plateau and Nepal. The goats were blessed with a very unique, thin and short inner hair, which gives them the best insulation from the harsh climate. The people living in these temperate regions found the threads to be quite useful and not to mention, comfortable. Thus was born the pashmina we know and love today.

we have available all varieties of the Pashmina Shawl, we specialize in the crafting and delivery of true Pashmina Shawls, direct from unit in Kashmir itself, and from the descendants of the artisans who have so painstakingly developed this trade.